you'll find no shortage of idiocy here and you're welcome for that. I'm a big fan of video games, movies, anime, and most nerd things in general. I'm a very basic level voice actor and have a few readings of Lackadaisy. Also, I voice Tomato and Nightmare Knight in the Cucumber Quest Dub. If you'd like to hear some of my projects, you can search the "my work" tag. I welcome opinions and suggestions.

30th September 2014

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30th September 2014

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Octopus WIG by Kirstie Williams

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29th September 2014

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Dark Fantasy Concept Artist Wanted →



My employer is looking for a freelance concept artist to do some character designs for a game. We’re shorthanded, so we’re looking for a top level artist to help design some characters. Think Dark Souls and you won’t be too far off. It’s not an anime or Warcraft look we’re going for.


Art job opportunity, if anyone’s looking.

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25th September 2014

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Big Hero 6 - Trailer #2


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25th September 2014

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254/365 │ Imagine Dragons - Warriors

Here we are, don't turn away now
we are the warriors that built this town from dust

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24th September 2014


Anonymous said: hey, could you tell us about a typical day in your life? what's work like? :)

I have answered your question here! I hope it answers your question! Thanks for asking!

24th September 2014

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Answering an Anon’s question about what I do on a typical day.

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24th September 2014

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Photorealistic art of sea and ice created by artist Zaria Forman with her fingers.

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24th September 2014

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23rd September 2014

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bad boys

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